Remote learning 21.1.21


LQ Can I use a number line to help me add on?

In this lesson you will learn how to use ‘first, then, now’ stories to add by counting on, using a number line.


LQ Can I complete the first part of my text using my phonics to spell words? 

In this lesson we will remind ourselves of the different sections of the text, we will also think about how to make sure we are speaking in a neutral tone throughout the discussion and complete our first part of our shared write.


Please read for 10-20 minutes independently. Remember to record any reading that you do in your blue reading record. You may like to read your school reading book, a book from home or an eBook from Oxford Owl.


LQ: Can I perform a simple sequence of movements?

Use the document below to help you perform simple sequences. Click on the video icon to watch a short video for each challenge.