Remote learning 27.1.21

 LQ Can I find double or half of a number up to 20? 
Today, we  will double numbers by adding the same number to itself and halve even numbers by sharing equally between two groups. 


LQ Can I describe using m y senses? 

We will be exploring our senses through our story and using a sensory grid to create a poem.


Please read for 10-20 minutes independently. Remember to record any reading that you do in your blue reading record. You may like to read your school reading book, a book from home or an eBook from Oxford Owl.

LQ Can I investigate which materials float and which will sink?In this lesson, we will be investigating different materials and their properties. We will be exploring which materials float and which materials sink, then we will be making comparisons while looking at their properties. Do all hard materials sink? Do all soft materials float? You will need a piece of paper and a pencil. If you would like to take part in the experiment you will need a coin or small metal object, a cotton ball or pad, stones, a pencil and a bowl of water. Otherwise, you can watch me conduct the experiment while observing the outcomes