Remote learning 9.2.21


Can I use near doubles to calculate?

In this lesson, you will be using your doubling knowledge to support with calculations within 20


LQ Can I write down facts about The Titanic? 

Challenge – Can I use capital letters and full stops in  my sentences? 

Watch and listen carefully to the videos below about the titanic and write down at least ten facts about this special ship. Pause the videos when you hear a good fact to write it down.


Please read for 10-20 minutes independently. Remember to record any reading that you do in your blue reading record. You may like to read your school reading book, a book from home or an eBook from Oxford Owl.


LQ Can I show that I understand how t keep safe when using the internet? 

Complete the two challenges on Espresso 

‘Private or not’ and ‘Online safety quiz’.