Home learning 19.3.21


LQ Can I use everyday objects to measure items in and around my house?

This week we have been using items such as paper clips, cubes, Lego and straws to measure objects in our classroom.

Use other items in your house to measure with. You may like to use Lego, coins or pens. Remember the resources you choose to measure with must be all the same length . Encourage your child to say ‘ about’ when a measurement is not exact. 

For example, the book is about 4 paper clips long.


This week we have been reading the book ‘Castle adventure’

LQ Can I make my own castle adventure story and act it out?

You might like to use some props from around your house. A spoon could be a wand and a towel could be a cape. You could even record your story and send it to me via email.