Home learning 23.4.21


This week we have been creating and interpreting picture graphs.

LQ Can I create a picture graph about the cars I see?

When you are on a walk or even looking out of your window, see what different coloured cars you can spot. Record it on a picture graph. Which coloured car was the most common? Which coloured car was the least common?


This week we have been looking at and reading a non fiction book about ants. We have learnt lots of facts about ants.

LQ Can I talk audibly about an animal of my choice?

Think of your favourite animal. It could be a wild animal or a pet that you have. Talk to another person in your house about them. Remember to say what they look like, what they eat, where they live and any noises that they might make.

You could record your talk and send me a video of it by email.